Gary E. Moore


I turned 50 years old soon after a rare cosmic alignment. A Jet Black Man, I am meant to defy convention. I’ve always seen the strings, though, pondered at the accidental glimpses at the cracks in the curtains, the goings on behind the scenes. No wonder then that I have so comfortably retreated into solitude. So, why now, you may ask? Why chose this moment to crawl out into the open, dazed and dazzled by the neon light of this relentless reality? Well, it was my son. He made me do it. My first born, he arrived upon this plane 6 years ago and he doesn’t care one frickin bit for my hesitance, for my uncertainty. He demands answers. He seeks out the Light. Not the sickly blue, paliative glow of commerce, but the Light of Reason and Understanding and Comfort and Compassion. We’ll search together–

Gary E. Moore has contributed as Author to the following publications:

songs for the cleveland avenue warriors gary e moore

Songs for the Cleveland Avenue Warriors

A time machine, a critique on the present, and a piercing ray of hope which illuminates our collective humanity.