about creativeonion press

What We Publish

Creative nonfiction, poetry chapbooks, fiction novellas and novels, with an emphasis on science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, and afrofuturism. Also: quarterly issues of the semi-illustrated nerd literary magazine, COSGRRRL.

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Who We Publish

Emerging voices, established activists/experts with firsthand experience, and artists transitioning into writing from other mediums. We place a particular emphasis on elevating the voices of "outsider" artists--those who don't have formal fine arts training or an academic network, but rather draw from pure creative instinct.

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Why We Publish

@creativeonion press was born for the purpose of bringing unlikely, diverse, and valuable ideas to light. After two years of researching and testing the best avenue for bringing her genre-bending nerd literary magazine to print, publisher Marjorie Steele finally decided to re-tool her @creativeonion consultancy into a small publishing house with access to major distribution channels. Before the first issue of COSGRRRL could go to print, the word got out, and @creativeonion press was already taking on submissions from emerging authors.

It was clear that there is a gaping hole in the publishing industry where emerging authors, outsider voices, and new genre-bending stories should flourish. As a tiny, independent press, we’re on a mission to curate the most unique, most thought-provoking, and most magical stories we can find, so we can preserve and share their light with the world. 

We believe that readers are hungry for ideas that challenge the status quo, that challenge our preconceptions about society, that present new ways of seeing the Universe. And we believe that the experiential knowledge of nonfiction and the open-world possibilities of sci-fi and fantasy offer the quickest routes towards empathy and cosmic understanding.

Above all, we publish because we believe that storytelling is humans’ most powerful tool for building connection. Connection with one another; connection to the past and future; and connection to the Universe within us.