Duvay Knox


I cum outta the South, by way of Louisiana and Tennessee, wit these Tales you see listed on this page.

Life has turned me into a Savage Writer of  black pulp fiction, black exploitation, black folklore, and black erotica – gritty shit that makes you wanna laff, cry, scream or make nasty love. 

RUMOR has it I was born frum the last nut in my Daddys sack. And came into this world when HE came. 

Needless to say, my birth was traumatic. 

Thus, I arrived heah wit an Attitude. 

The Doctor slapped me, and I slapped him back. 

And so mah Journey began. 

To find Myself.

I ran them Streets.

I walked the Path. 

I graduated frum Sidewalk University. 

I got my PH.D frum the School of Hard Knocks.

I still haven’t found Myself.

But I did find my VOICE.

So Imma take my time and tell my Stories.

Duvay Knox has contributed as Author to the following publications:

soul collector by duvay knox

Soul Collector

Every era has its Bard. Its keeper of historical, scientific, and cultural knowledge. Its spiritual lightning rod. Its wizened satirist. Its destroyer of old and top-heavy ideas. In the era of Late Stage US Capitalism and COVID-19, Duvay Knox is that Bard. A long time urban folklorist, first time formally published writer, and holder of countless secret titles, Knox’ work in “Soul Collector” is both page-turningly fascinating, and spiritually salient to our times.


COSGRRRL The Elemental Series, Issue #3: Body/Earth

The witchy, earthy third installment of COSGRRRL Magazine’s Elemental Series.


COSGRRRL The Elemental Series, Issue #2: Mind/Air

Every word of it is true, especially the fiction.


COSGRRRL The Elemental Series, Issue #1: Origins

To boldly go where no literary magazine has gone before.