Emily John Garcés


Emily John Garcés is an artist, poet, street performer, podcaster, hitchhiker, writer, mother, and spiritual vagabond. Originally from Wales, Emily has supported herself and her globe trotting through her work, which has been exhibited in Amsterdaam, Argentina, and is in collaborations around the world. Emily is also creator of the podcast Hitchhiking With Drunken Nuns. Her visual works can be found on Etsy and on Patreon.

Emily John Garcés has contributed as Author to the following publications:

hitchhiking with drunken nuns by emily garces

Hitchhiking With Drunken Nuns

Emily Garcés’ pitch-perfect, post-Evangelical confessional brings readers a radically hopeful heroine’s journey that’s both timeless, and an urgently necessary antidote to the cynicism and spiritual nihilism pervasive today.