Marjorie Steele


Marjorie Steele is a writer, journalist, and educator who’s lived in the Midwest only most of her life. A chronic essayist and poet, Marjorie has pounded the beat on local issues of homelessness and urban development for Issue Media, and has reported on cannabis nationally for Leafly. Her poetry has been awarded by the Dyer-Ives Poetry Competition (2017), and her journalistic work was published in Belt Publishing’s “Grand Rapids Grassroots: An Anthology” in 2017. In addition to publishing COSGRRRL, Marjorie hosts her works and private conversations at the @creativeonion network.

Known as “Maj” to The Court of Nerds and “Yvanna” on the Dungeons and Dragons podcast Reverse Centaur, Marjorie identifies as gnostic hillbilly druid, with chaotic good alignment.

Marjorie Steele has contributed as Editor to the following publications:

COSGRRRL The Elemental Series, Issue #3: Body/Earth

The witchy, earthy third installment of COSGRRRL Magazine’s Elemental Series.


COSGRRRL The Elemental Series, Issue #2: Mind/Air

Every word of it is true, especially the fiction.


COSGRRRL The Elemental Series, Issue #1: Origins

To boldly go where no literary magazine has gone before.