COSGRRRL The Elemental Series, Issue #1: Origins


To boldly go where no literary magazine has gone before.

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Grab your dice or lightsabers and suit up, folks: we’re now casting for key players in COSGRRRL’s triumphant entrance into the glorious world of print, with its first ever five issue series: Elemental. Part literary magazine, part pop culture manifesto, and illustrated just enough to engage the third grade reader in you, COSGRRRL is on a mission. To fight evil. To geek out. To save the world.

Haven’t you ever wanted to save the world? Well now you can: by snatching up COSGRRRL’s first limited edition, signed print issues like they were bottled water during the apocalypse. How, exactly, is supporting COSGRRRL’s print launch the same as saving the world, you ask?

Well, it’s complicated, but suffice to say we here at COSGRRRL have worked it all out, and it has to do with being strong in our intellectual diversity, and talking about the things we love, and the fact that science fiction and fantasy are far superior (as far as topics go) to politics and news and religion on account of the fact that sci-fi and fantasy force us to explore our humanity and new frontiers of being while politics and news and religion just makes us want to smell our own belly button lint like Neanderthals. It’s also a little bit about manifestation, and the idea that if we get a bunch of people who are different together talking about what they love, we’re bound to solve more problems than we would shouting at each other all the godsdamned time.

Who’s we? A mix of emerging writers (many of whom have been rejected from most outlets for being too unconventional or extreme), new writers, and widely published heavyweight bards: Rand Fishkin Gary E. Moore, Richard Brownell, TaLynn Kel, Evan Fleischer, Reverend Nigga Daddy, Bill Henning, Sarah Myles, and Southpaw Poet are just a sampling.

And anyway, do YOU have a better idea for saving the world? You don’t, do you? Well, then, my idea is as good as any, and it’s a pretty damn cheap bet at just $25 per issue.

If that’s not enough reason: we use cool “A” words like “Afrocentrism” and “Anarchy”, and we shit-talk the Disney Channel, and write fanfiction according to our own particular…idiom. Yes, unfortunately, there IS a little bit of poetry in these issues too, but don’t hold that against the entire franchise. There are also velociraptors and copious uses of the “N” word in the fiction section, so the pace always picks back up again.

Also, you KNOW you feel guilty for not reading more books. Well this issue is LIKE a book, in that it has many smart words, but UNLIKE a book, in that it’s shorter and includes some very interesting pictures indeed.

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    “I am Groot.”

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