COSGRRRL The Elemental Series, Issue #2: Mind/Air


Every word of it is true, especially the fiction.

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Picking up this publication is the purest, most accessible form of time travel you can engage in right now. My present, the one where I’m at my kitchen table writing this paragraph, is currently in your past, but you’re only learning this in your present. You don’t know what your future holds, but I do.
Dice rolls, snapping fingers, more witchcraft than you might be comfortable with on a Saturday afternoon, Frank’s 1965 masterpiece, Starfleet crushes, an ancient glimpse at the middle 20th century, more language you’re probably not ready to handle. Every word of it is true, especially the fiction. You’re about to find out what the original surveyor of Isla Nublar got up to later on. (Sounds like more of the same, just a little more troublesome.) Understandably, you’re going to read this sitting down.
It’s okay to take your time with this issue. Leaving the present, whether traveling forward or back, is tiring work.
(Review by Jason Rehmus,

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3 reviews for COSGRRRL The Elemental Series, Issue #2: Mind/Air

  1. – the Editor’s Mother

    “I don’t like it, but your father would *get* it.”


    “In prcisely zero apocalypse stories have I encountered the troupe of the publishing company trying to sell magazines.”

  3. Dustin Coon, Illustrator

    “Did you finally send me the specs I need?”

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