Soul Collector


Every era has its Bard. Its keeper of historical, scientific, and cultural knowledge. Its spiritual lightning rod. Its wizened satirist. Its destroyer of old and top-heavy ideas. In the era of Late Stage US Capitalism and COVID-19, Duvay Knox is that Bard. A long time urban folklorist, first time formally published writer, and holder of countless secret titles, Knox’ work in “Soul Collector” is both page-turningly fascinating, and spiritually salient to our times.

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Collecting souls is the job, and the bosses in Hell are some shady motherfuckers. With new rules and reeling revelations with every assignment, the job doesn’t seem to be quite what it appears—and promotions come at a price. 

A quick-paced supernatural thriller, “Soul Collector” follows the journey of Sippian, a young victim of gang violence, who in Hell assumes the role of Death and struggles to understand the convoluted rules and shadowy figures—and morality—he faces in the afterlife. What will it take for him to become, and remain, DAT Nigga? What will it cost? And who’s setting the price?

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